Spring Season Tips


The excitement of spring and blooming of crocuses means time for spring clean-up for your yard and landscaping.  This is the time to think about cleaning up your landscape and start the season with a fresh, clean look.

The following are a few of the services Croy’s Mowing can provide:

* Cut back ornamental grasses and any perennials left through the winter.

* Clean up any landscape debris that may have accumulated over the winter

* Aerate mulch beds and/or apply mulch

* Fix any snow plow damage

* Apply a pre-emergent to landscape beds, except where spring bulbs are planted

* Divide fall blooming perennials

* Prune shrub roses to approximately 15-18” from the ground

* Prune shrubs

* Apply dormant oil spray to woody shrubs and trees

* Over seeding and aerating are a great way to give your lawn a healthy start to the season.

* Apply a soil acidifier around base of acid loving plants like holly and boxwoods


Be careful not to trim early blooming shrubs such as lilacs, viburnums and azaleas.

Going Green

We are in the Green Industry, although the new buzz-word “Green” that is brought up daily by marketing firms, Congress and the media may have different meanings.  At Croy’s Mowing, we believe that “Going Green” means trying to lessen our impact on the environment and using good horticultural practices to achieve this goal.  With over 22 years of experience and education, we use these practices daily to help keep your lawn beautiful and healthy.  We practice a lot of recycle and reuse methods such as re-using mulch and salt bags as trash bags, shredding office paper for use in our gardens and sorting recyclables out of the debris we pick up while mowing.  Also, organic materials (shrub clippings, grass, leaves etc.) are recycled into mulch or compost.


Jeff Croy - C.L.T., C.O.L.P.
Certified Landscape Technician
Certified Ornamental Landscape Professional

Lyle Croy - C.L.T., C.O.L.P.
Certified Landscape Technician
Certified Ornamental Landscape Professional

Dennis Ricker - C.L.T.
Certified Landscape Technician

Bill Warnimont - C.L.T.
Certified Landscape Technician

Ian Gyetvai - C.L.T.
Certified Landscape Technician