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Mowing, Trimming & Edging

Trimming and Pruning

Croy’s Mowing has the knowledge and experience to professionally prune your ornamental plants, whether that involves a natural or formal look. Nicely trimmed shrubs compliment you and your home. It also helps to maintain a healthier plant. While we are trimming, we will inspect plants for damaging insects, diseases, rubbing branches and broken branches you may not have noticed. 

Get your young trees off to a good start by having us professionally prune them. Many structural problems can be avoided by pruning trees when they are still small. Proper pruning gets young trees off to the right start, saving more costly tree trimming in the future.
Our pruning equipment is continually sharpened and adjusted to provide your plants with the best cut possible. Our commitment to buying only the best equipment available further ensures good results.

Mulching and Edging Landscape Beds

Croy’s Mowing offers edging and mulching to your existing beds, even creating new ones. Mulching can do many things for your garden. Using mulch can reduce the need to weed, lower the amount of watering required, and help maintain a healthy garden.
Most importantly, mulch holds moisture and protects your soil from drying out. Mulch works like a sponge, holding water and slowly releasing it into the soil for use by your plants. Mulch can also be damaging to a plant if installed improperly, which is why our employees make sure to install the mulch at the proper depth.

Weed Control

Croy’s Mowing is licensed in the application of herbicides and pesticides. Weeds can be very intrusive and, if not controlled, can overtake your landscaping, robbing your treasured plants of nutrients, water, and sunlight. We offer many options to customers in the control of weeds.
The first step is a timely and properly placed pre-emergence spread throughout your landscaping. Pre-emergence is a granule substance worked into the mulch. It creates a barrier in which weeds will not germinate; this gives season-long control of most weeds. Secondly, we offer spraying of various herbicides and manually removing weeds that have grown. Visits by our landscape care technicians and/or crew members throughout the year can be arranged to insure a weed free property.

Did You Know?

*  A turf area 50’ x 50’ absorbs carbon dioxide, ozone and nitrates and releases enough oxygen to meet the needs of 4 people.

 *  Eight front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning.  The average home size is 3 to 4 tons.

 *  Healthy dense lawns absorb rainfall 6 times more effectively than a wheat field.


Jeff Croy - C.L.T., C.O.L.P.
Certified Landscape Technician
Certified Ornamental Landscape Professional

Lyle Croy - C.L.T., C.O.L.P.
Certified Landscape Technician
Certified Ornamental Landscape Professional

Dennis Ricker - C.L.T.
Certified Landscape Technician

Bill Warnimont - C.L.T.
Certified Landscape Technician

Ian Gyetvai - C.L.T.
Certified Landscape Technician