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2024 Business Landscaping Trends

Good landscaping is about more than cutting the lawn and planting a tree. While the landscaping world may not be as fickle as fashion, understanding the current trends in landscaping is an important part of keeping the exterior of your business looking sharp. As we look forward to the upcoming year, here are some of the landscaping trends we’ve noticed, and that we think will continue to be a big deal across 2024.

Sustainable Landscaping

Today’s consumers care deeply about sustainability, and generally view businesses in a good light if they share this concern. This isn’t about waving a “save the turtles” flag out front – it’s about being more conscious of where you do business, and making choices that align with what is environmentally appropriate and sustainable for that area. 

One of the biggest ways to do this is to choose native plants. They’ve developed over thousands of years to thrive in your local weather and climate, so they’re less likely to fail and need to be replaced. Including a wider variety of plants is great for your local ecosystem, and it’s also much more visually appealing than a large swath of boring, unused grass. To find a list of plants native to your area, check out Native Plant Finder.

Another sustainability option you may have seen around is living walls or roofs. Lining a wall or roof with living plants can have a number of benefits, from beautifying your office building to creating a destination photo spot to increasing insulation and lowering your utility bills. Whether the plants are climbing ivies or evergreen hedges, there’s just something about the way replacing harsh concrete or stucco with live plants can make your landscaping feel more lively and comfortable.

Water Wise Plants

Currently, Putnam County is experiencing slightly less rainfall than average. lists our area as “Abnormally Dry.” While this is no strong cause for concern, considering water usage in landscaping is a trend we expect to see continue for more than weather-related reasons alone. The cost to water a landscape is an important consideration in your business’s budget – and making smart decisions about plant varieties can help to limit your utility bills. 

Incorporating rainwater harvesting systems into your landscaping is another water-wise option. Collecting and using rainwater to keep your landscaping green is environmentally friendly and can reduce your utility bills.

Interactive Landscaping

When weather permits, having a fun outdoor area can be a valuable resource for both your employees and your customers. Features like a water fountain, a community garden, a Little Free Library, or an area for lawn games can help to create a little piece of community right outside your office door. You could also consider letting your customers join in (depending on your business), such as leaving a small space for a painted rock collection outside a children’s hospital or pediatric dentist, or hanging a wind chime made by a local artist.

In addition, many businesses are choosing to build outdoor workspaces into their landscaping. Who wouldn’t love to hear, “You know what, it’s a beautiful sunny day. Let’s take this meeting outside” after a long morning of paperwork? This 2024 landscaping trend has business owners looking for ways to create comfortable, easy-to-maintain, and visually appealing outdoor workspaces. These spaces don’t have to be large, but they usually include greenery, comfortable seating, tables to work at, and an awning for shade or rain cover. Some even include outdoor heaters to extend their use further into the Spring and Fall. 

Stand Out

Anybody can (and most people do) put a tree and some grass out front of their office building. Even if it’s well cared for, that alone really isn’t going to be memorable. This 2024 landscaping trend is all about going big in a way that reflects your personality and your business. As fellow business owners, we’re sure you already know about the importance of word-of-mouth business. If your landscaping has a stand-out moment, you’ll get people talking, driving by, and, most of all, remembering that you’re there. 

A themed approach can work well – it gives your landscaping a cohesive feel and makes it easier to make smart choices that work together. Whether it’s a handful of sculpted topiaries, a stunning collection of flowers (bonus if the colors match your branding), a sparkling water feature, or an edible landscape with a cozy garden bench, having a landscaping moment that’s as unique as your business is an incredible way to share who you are with your community before they even walk in the door.

Low Maintenance Care

As a fellow local business, we understand how busy and time-consuming it can be to keep a business running. This 2024 trend is all about getting off the hamster wheel and focusing on what matters most. Making smart landscaping choices with a focus on low-maintenance options is a trend we expect to see continue for years to come. Making the best choices can be tricky – for example, xeriscaping may look low-maintenance, but you’d be surprised how much work it can be keeping rocks in place and off walkways, and fighting off weeds that insist on growing where no encouragement has been given. (We’re looking at you, dandelions.)

At Croy’s Mowing, our landscaping experts are dedicated to helping your business with its landscaping needs – without all the extra hassle. We take care of your landscaping right the first time, so you won’t have to worry about the mid-season weed growth you’ll see with our competitors. With a tidy landscape and a reliable landscaper, the exterior of your business will practically take care of itself – meaning you’ll spend less time wondering how to make your plants grow and more time planning to make your business grow.

This year’s landscaping trends center on being more environmentally conscious, building community, and focusing on what matters most. With an eye on these values, you can create a landscape that reflects well on your business, looks great in your community, and brings in happy customers. 

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